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Direct eCig Review

Direct eCig
FREE Electronic Cigarette Kit Intro
Direct eCig Free Intro Kit Reviewed & Rated 5 Stars
Ships US & US Territories

The Direct eCig offers a FREE Electronic Cigarette Kit Intro. Here is basic information on this eCigarette Kit:

Direct eCig Rating: Direct eCig Electronic Cigarette Rating is 4.0 Stars - High quality electronic cigarette
Starter Kit Cost: *$0 – Pay $9.95 Shipping & Handling- Initially Read Note Below
Discounts:* FREE Intro
Nicotine Levels: 0 to 16MG
Battery Size: 5 Volt (holds charge longer than others)
Cartridge Equivalency: (1) Cartridge should be equivalent to (1) pack of tobacco cigarettes


VISIT Direct eCig Official Website [Click Here]


* Direct eCig Free Electronic Cigarette intro offer is giving you the ability to try their electronic cigarette kit for $9.95 Shipping & Handling cost. If you decide you like it and keep it, they will bill you $89.95 for the kit. Once the kit is paid for, they will then send you an additional 30 cartridges free (Value $59), and you pay for the shipping – $9.95. If you DO NOT Like it you MUST CALL them within 15 Days of the Order Date and Get a RMA number and return the Kit in original packaging IMMEDIATELY to cancel further billing. Make sure you read the Direct eCig TERMS of the Agreement indepth [click here]


Direct eCig Review ~ My Personal Review on the Direct eCig Electronic Cigarette Kit


I purchased the Direct eCig Starter Kit and was amazed at how fast I received it! There was even a small problem with the order, yet I was able to call the company and speak to a Customer Service Rep — the order shipped out immediately & I received it the next day!

I have given it a 4 Star Rating because of the many free electronic cigarette intro offers online, this one really does what it says it will — in other words, if you follow the terms of the agreement it works as the company promises. You get about 10 days (allowing for delivery time), to really decide if using an electronic cigarette is the right choice. If you like it, you pay for the kit ($89.95), a little high, but not atrociously so. If you do not like it, call them, get an RMA number and send the kit back.

I was eager to try the Direct eCig electronic cigarette because it is a different type of ecigarette than the Green Smoke. The kit comes with a usb / wall charger combo. I am using the usb charger — it took about 2 hours to initially fully charge the battery.

How Well the Direct eCig Worked:

As written above, the Direct eCig electronic cigarette is different than the Green Smoke in that the Direct eCig comes with a separate atomizer that you add to the pre-filled cartridge. The cartridge is much harder than Green Smoke’s “all in one”. This is good for me, because I clench my teeth when I smoke or “vape”, biting down hard on the cartridge. The Direct eCig’s cartridge can take this abuse well.

I ordered the “high” level of nicotine for the Direct eCig, and I really do like the taste. There is a good deal of “smoke” or vapor that is produced too. The taste is not quite as strong as Green Smoke’s, but I am going to be ordering eJuice from DragonFly eCigs when I order their Joye 510 Starter Kit (to review fully), and top off the cartridge with the Nicotine Liquid (recommended on the eCigarette Forum), to add fuller flavor and lasting power.

I am using the Direct eCig electronic cigarette daily. Not to quit smoking, but to cut back on regular cigarettes. It is working too — almost subconsciously, I think. I told my husband that I am finding I am not smoking anywhere near as many regular tobacco cigarettes as I was without using the Direct eCig. But, I am not making a “conscious” effort of cutting back. It’s just happening naturally.

The battery on the Direct eCig, once fully charged, lasts a LONG time. Which is good, because I am always forgetting to re-charge it.

I am using one cartridge for ever 3 or 4 days or so. Yet, I am not using this electronic cigarette exclusively (without regular cigarettes), so I really cannot say how long one would last for someone who gives up regular cigarettes entirely.

I am happy to say that I would recommend taking advantage of the Direct eCig Starter Kit Intro Offer [Click Here]– Make sure you read the TERMS fully and understand them. This is a good way to try the whole electronic cigarette experience.


VISIT Direct eCig Official Website

FREE Intro

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