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An Electronic Cigarette Review Consumer Report

As a consumer of the electronic cigarette, I know how important it is to read real electronic cigarette reviews for this year, prior to buying a particular brand and / or type of ecigarette. It is also extremely helpful to use an electronic cigarette review site to weed out some of the scams and losers.

That is what this website is here to do. We’re here to help you find the best electronic cigarette for YOU, by exposing all the secrets, the pros and cons of the different brands of ecigs. Our electronic cigarettes reviews site will help you quickly see and compare the best electronic cigarette products available for sale online.

Electronic Cigarette Review of Top Three Electronic Cigarette Brands

We’re going to start off with the top three electronic cigarette review writeups for this year, (in our opinion), of the best choices today.

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Reviews Green Smoke [Click Here]
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Ships Worldwide

The Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Reviews reveals that this is one of the first ecigarettes available for purchase in the United States. Over the last few years, Green Smoke has held its top rating by giving its customers one of the very best electronic cigarette experiences.

Customers of Green Smoke are extremely loyal to this brand.

I have customers who purchased their first Green Smoke Kit in 2009 STILL buying Green Smoke refills — they are that good as discovered in this electronic cigarette review. Another reason you should consider purchasing Green Smoke, is it ships worldwide. This electronic cigarette review reveals that many electric cigarettes do not. They also will replace your ecig batteries for free if something goes wrong with it.

The Green Smoke taste and ecig vapor is superior to many brands. In addition, they have several flavors that their loyal customers enjoy, that other brands simply do not offer.

Read the Green Smoke Reviews

Sometimes it pays to buy the more expensive brand, because you save money in the long run. I highly recommend Green Smoke “green cigarettes”

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Ships Worldwide

Electronic Cigarette Review Names South Beach Smoke Best Electronic Cigarette South Beach Smoke [Click Here]
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SMOKELESS15OFF for 15% Off Deluxe Kit!)

The electronic cigarette brand, South Beach Smoke, made it to the very top of our 2013 electronic cigarette review as the best electronic cigarette for several reasons including:

  • At only $29.99 for the basic Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit, it is by far the cheapest way to test the South Beach Smoke eCigarette as well as find out if you wish to pursue using electronic cigarettes.
  • Excellent taste, vapor production, and feeling like a “real” cigarette
  • Quality products, plus Excellent Warranties
  • Fast Shipping and Excellent Customer Service

Our electronic cigarette review for South Beach Smoke explains that this is by far the best electronic cigarette to buy if you are on the search for simply trying ecigarettes. The reason we state this is because it is both cheap (NOT cheaply made), yet is quality made.

Read the Full South Beach Smoke Review

In addition, they have upgraded their South Beach Smoke Deluxe batteries for 2013, to make them even better for vaping, longer lasting and more.

Plus, they offer excellent warranties, fast shipping and by far one of the best in customer service. You actually get to talk to a real person! They are dedicated to their customers and want each one of you to be happy with their products and it shows.

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Electronic Cigarette Review of Best electronic cigarette starter kit deals SmokeTip [Click Here]
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Although Smoketip is a relatively newcomer to the e-cigarette brand scene, it really is having a huge impact. They are affordable with their electronic cig kits ($59.99 with Free Shipping – Or less if you use above coupon), refills and accessories and they offer FREE Shipping!

Read the Full Smoketip Review

Within our electronic cigarettes reviews, we reveal that Smoketip e-cigs has the most advanced ecig vapor delivery system with high capacity cartridges that give you over 250 puffs per unit. This equals about 1.25 packs of traditional cigarettes. This not only saves you time in replacing cartridges, yet also saves you money.

Smoketip reviews by actual electronic cigarette review users rave about their quality, especially about the vapor production of the ecig. In addition, they may actually prefer smoking in public with them because of their “look.” Plus, you can order refill cartridges easily, including nicotine free refill cartrdiges.

Get Instant Access to SmokeTip [Click Here]
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More Electronic Cigarette Review of Top Brands At a Glance

Below is an “at a glance” electronic cigarette review and electronic cigarette comparison chart that will show you price ranges, warranties, ratings, discounts and specials, plus a link to access the official website.

10 Electronic Cigarette Review & Comparison ~ At A Glance

Electronic Cigarette Review: Price Range: Warranty: Special Offers: Rating: More Info:
South Beach Smoke
South Beach Smoke Review - The Better Electronic Cigarette Review  Choice
Ships Worldwide
$29.99 to $144.99 30 Days Special Discounts for Auto Refill Members
South Beach Smoke Rating is 5 Stars - Best electronic cigarette  deal
Go to
Southbeach Smoke Website
Electronic Cigarette Review of Best electronic cigarette starter kit deal
Ships US
$59.95 30 Days FREE Shipping -24hours Smoketip Review Rating is 4.5 Stars - Electronic Cigarette Review of Best electronic cigarette kit
Go to
SmokeTip eCig Website

Green Smoke
Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette reviewed and rated at 4.0 Stars
Ships Worldwide
$109.00 to $270.00 30 Day Money Back
(1) Year Limited
10% OFF Use
Coupon Code:
Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Rating is 4.0 Stars - High quality electronic cigarette
Go to
Green Smoke Website


JOYE 510 at
DragonFly eCigs
ABSOLUTE Best electronic cigarette starter kit, especially for new to electronic cigarettes
Ships US & Canada
$49.95 (Sale Price) 30 Days 10% OFF Starter Kit Joye 510 Starter Kit Rating is 5 Stars - Best electronic cigarette starter kit deal
Go to
JOYE 510 Kit Website

LUCI Electronic Cigarette reviewed and rated at 5.0 Stars
Ships Worldwide
$12.50 to $199.00 Lifetime On Atomizer 2 for $10 each
Disposable LUCI
LUCI Electronic Cigarette Rating is 5.0 Stars - Low Price Full Starter Kit at $59.99, Disposable Electronic Cigarette at $12.50
Go to
LUCI Website

Premium eCigarette
Premium Ecigarette reviewed and rated at 4.0 Stars
Ships Worldwide
$14.99 to $109.95
(Sale Prices)
30 Day Money Back
90 Day Limited
up to 39% OFF
Limited Time
Premium eCigarette Electronic Cigarette Rating is 4.5 Stars - Low price Starter Kit, Disposable eCigarettes available.
Go to
Premium eCigarette Website
Smokeless Delite

Smokeless Delite Review kits start at just $59.99 to $149.99
Ships US
$59.99 to $149.99 Lifetime On Battery & Chargers Free Shipping Smokeless Delite Electronic Cigarette Review Rating is 4.0 Stars - Lowest Price Starter Kit at $59.99
Go to
Smokeless Delite Website
BLU eCigs
Blu ECigs Electronic Cigarette reviewed and rated at 4.0 Stars
Ships US Only
$59.95 30 Day Money Back
(1) Year Limited
Free Shipping
Blue eCigs Electronic Cigarette Rating is 4.0 Stars - Low price Starter Kit, Free Shipping High quality electronic cigarette
Go to
BLU eCigs Website
Smoke Stik
Smoke Stik reviewed and rated at 4.0 Stars
Ships USA & UK
$89.95 30 Days Money Back
Lifetime – Limited
10% OFF Use
Coupon Code:
Smoke Stik Electronic Cigarette Rating is 4.0 Stars - Quality Electronic Cigarette.
Go to
Smoke Stik Website



Electronic Cigarette Review NOTES


  1. You may access each E Cigarette Official Site by either clicking on it’s e cig image or the link provided that states “go to ____ website”

  3. Price of the Smokeless Cigarette shown above represents the cost for either a e-cigarette Starter Kit or disposable electronic cigarette. In other words, the amount it would cost to try the particular ecigarette.

  5. Electronic Cigarette Review Star Ratings are Based on: quality of electric cigarette, including e-cig cartridge, battery, battery charger, etc, online reputation, (my personal experience when available), price, ease of ordering, customer service.


The above “at a glance” Electronic Cigarette Review is quick way to get the nitty gritty electric cigarette review info you need to decide which ecigarette to choose to buy.

However, I strongly recommend you check out the top 3 electronic cigarettes we have reviewed above. Especially if you are just getting started with your adventure with e-cigarettes.

Additional Electronic Cigarettes Reviews Information:

You may have additional questions or concerns about e-Cigarettes, which we would like to address some of the more popular frequently asked questions like:

» What Are Electronic Cigarettes?

In this electronic cigarettes reviews site, we wish to explain exactly “what are electronic cigarettes?” They are an electronic device that usually resembles a tobacco cigarette, that uses a battery to heat an “atomizer” which in turn heats liquid to produce vaper. The vaper is made up of either nicotine liquid or nicotine free liquid — you choose, as well as Food-grade propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerine (VG). The liquid is within a cartridge in which either are purchased pre-filled or you can fill it yourself with nicotine liquid (again you choose which type to buy).

As the liquid heats, it produces a vaper that you may inhale. The vaper gives you the sensation of smoking without the 4000+ toxic chemicals like tar, carbon minoxide, carcinogens, etc. found in traditional tobacco cigarettes. The vaper does, however, contain a minuscule amount of chemicals, yet no known side effects have been found from the vaper escaping into the area in which you are using the electronic cigarette. Therefore, there are no known “2nd Hand” problems from people who may be around you, like there is with smoking regular cigarettes.

» Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

At this time, there are no known safety issues with electronic cigarettes that have shown up in the few research studies that have been made. Yet, please keep in mind that ecigarette cartridges come in several strength’s of nicotine. If you do not smoke regular cigarettes now, then you should NOT use a high strength of nicotine cartridges if you do decide to use an ecigarette. It is recommended that you choose a nicotine free cartridge.

However, if you are a current smoker and wish to use electronic cigarettes as an alternative to smoking to reduce the 4000+ toxic chemicals found in regular cigarettes, nicotine liquid or nicotine cartridges should not be a “surprise” to your body.

In addition, please keep in mind that in the couple of limited studies done by the FDA, they found that the ecigarettes (three devices tested), emitted different quantities of nicotine, although they were all labelled the same amount.

» Are Electronic Cigarettes Legal?

At this time, electronic cigarettes are legal in the United States to buy and use. However, some states and counties within states have banned the use of ecigarettes in the same places that tobacco cigarettes have been disallowed.

Some countries like Brazil, Singapore and Lebanon have banned the sale and use of electronic cigarettes. In Canada, the import, sale, and advertising of electronic cigarettes containing nicotine are banned in Canada, while non-nicotine e-cigs are legal

Now is the Time to Buy Electronic Cigarettes!

Right now, the electronic cigarettes field is exploding. Competition is becoming fierce between the merchants of these products. The winners are US – the consumer! Reputable companies are making their electric cigarettes better and better, and lowering the price to win our business.

We can look forward to better e-cigarette products at lower price. Hopefully you can find the perfect ecig by using this electronic cigarette review site.



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